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Howl the Halloween with the Werewolf Makeup

People may not seem to get tired of creating their Halloween costumes. Every year, more and more people are enticed to join Halloween costume parties. Hence, it would be more difficult to search for uncommon Halloween costumes since greater chances that someone might be wearing the same thing. However, you can do something that sets you apart from the others, like the details and make-up.

For sure, werewolf costumes would be howling this Halloween because of the influence of the film and novel, “Twilight” and its series. Apart from that, werewolves have been a long time associated to Halloween. To make your werewolf Halloween costume become a realistic one, you need also to apply a werewolf makeup. Aside from the realistic effect, people will be scared of you. The scarier, the better!

All you need is Spirit Gum, Modeling Putty/Wax, No. 10C Makeup, Black Makeup, and Crepe Hair. You can also add other make-ups and accessories like Rubber Nose, Makeup Remover Cream, Fang Teeth, Stipple Sponge, Powder Puff, and Powder Brush.

A thin coat of Spirit Gum should be applied first before the Modeling Putty/wax since this is where the wax will be applied. When almost dry, mold the desired nose shape with the modeling putty/ wax. Form rough shapes and blend edges into the skin; to make the shapes even, lubricate the fingers with makeup remover cream while you can use the Stipple Sponge for giving texture to the surface. Using the No. 24 Make-up Base and Colorset powder, cover the entire face and the sculpted shapes. Shadows can be created by using No. 10C makeup while the “hard edge” of shadow can be extended with Black Makeup. You can also use the Black Makeup as paint in your nose and upper lip line. After which, you can now begin applying your Crepe Hair. With the Spirit Gum, your hair can be adhered since the gum has adhesive properties. Start low on the face and build upward over the previous layer. Then, trim and style your crepe hair. To give cooler effect on your crepe hair, you can straighten it by loosening braid and wetting the hair. Stretch the unbraided strand and allow to dry (or to force dry with a blow dryer). Avoid using thick pieces of hair. You can optionally add the fang teeth when you are done with your make-up.

Voila! In just an hour or two, you now have your Halloween werewolf makeup; a perfect fit for your werewolf Halloween costume. Surely there is a costume or character that has this same effect on you. Applying your Halloween makeup adds to the uniqueness of your Halloween costume and definitely, people will notice you. However, you need to be careful on your Halloween makeup; there are some components that can cause allergy (especially the Spirit Gum). Know first if you have an allergy to make-ups so that you can comfortably flaunt your werewolf Halloween costume along with your werewolf makeup.

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